Information concerning influence of East Japan great earthquake

We would like to convey our deepest condolences for the victim and family of the East Japan great earthquake.

We will inform you of a present situation of our group as follows.

1. About the Human damage
The safety of all directors and employee of our company and our group is confirmed.

2. About the factories and offices
There is no serious damage in the factory buildings and the mechanical equipments.
However‚ it was necessary to check equipment parts because big vibration came by an earthquake. Therefore‚ part of the manufacturing facility was stopped.

There is no damage in the building of the branches and the offices.
Because there was the employee who was not able to secure commuting means‚ some duties stopped‚ but do not have big effect caused by the earthquake on the whole business.

3. About the action in the future
After the check of manufacturing facilities ends‚ the equipments under the stop are scheduled to be operated one by one while considering the status of the power supply and the transportation condition.
Moreover‚ it is thought that immediate amount of damage due to this earthquake is negligible.