Privacy Policy

Mory Industries Inc. (“Mory”) is recognizing the importance of the protection of individual information.
There is a chance to receive customer’s individual information in employment information etc. ,
and it is thought that it is protect the individual information an important social obligation on this site.
Mory will provide the idea of privacy on this site as follows, and make an effort to the leakage, the misappropriation of individual information, and the prevention of the falsification etc. zealously according to this.

With individual information

It does information which can recognize the customer individual in the address where Mory receives the offer from the customer through this site, the name, the telephone number, and the mail address, etc.

Collection of individual information.

Mory specifies the purpose beforehand in the page through this site when collected individual information collects from the customer, and it does in the necessary limit.
It can refuse the offer by the judgment of the customer when not requested to offer our company individual information. However, it might not be able to use service.

Use of individual information

We will use only in the purpose specified for the customer and the business which accompanies it about individual information to have the customer offer.
It contains the guide of the adoption etc. about the accompanied business.

Non-indication of individual information to third party

As a rule, Mory does not offer it to the third party.
However, it concludes the contract which affects the protection of a trader who selects it and individual information according to a severe selection standard when it should offer the third party individual information to have the offer to consign processing etc., it consigns the business under strict management, and it aims at the prevention of the leakage and the re-offer etc.